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It's March 1st, 2018 I'm about to head out the door. I layer on the clothes because it's still freakin' winter in WI, and grab my thermos of coffee. 

Do you have a morning routine? 

Most people do... and in this aspect of life, I'm most people. 

I love my morning walks. 

As I grab my ear buds, I quickly scroll through the latest podcast episodes that are highlighted.  And I see a new one recommended for me. 

It's a sassy African American woman standing up next to a brick wall with the title "Dance Boss!"

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She's speaking my language.   I download her episode and head out the door to get schooled during my "walk university." 

And y'all, and I haven't missed an episode. 

Erin Pride is a Gift in the Dance Community. 

She leads with her heart and is so generous. 

Like many of our colleagues, Erin's generous with her time, her knowledge and her encouragement.  What's unique about Erin however, is that there is not a double standard, or an underlying motivation of "what's in it for her."  

Erin is genuinely about helping, serving and creating for the dance community.  

And because of those qualities, I adore her. 

In fact, I rated her show, gave her a review and told her this much via a screen shot on my story.  When someone is hitting it out of the park, doing great work (especially when they are starting out) being innovative and it just oozes out of them -  I take notice and make sure to tell them. 


I know how scary it is. 

To put yourself out there consistently.  To put out excellence consistently.  And even though the dance world has grown so much, it's still small.  There aren't many podcasters for the dance community, let alone speaking to the entrepreneurial side of it.  

Well, since Erin is a great business woman, and is all about engaging with the people, she noticed my IG story and reached out to say thank you. 

Because that's what people do. 

They say thank you. 

But Erin went a step further. 

Many people don't do - especially as they get "bigger" -  is ask about you

And I get it, they are "Busier" and have "Bigger names" they are speaking with.  But Erin asked about me, and my studio. She wanted to do know what I was doing to help and serve the dance community. 

Well, after a few back and forth dialogues and proper stalking, Erin invited ME on her podcast. 

And it was a JOY to be Part of Her Journey.

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Erin genuinely wanted to know how I juggle being a mama to five kiddos, have an in home dance studio and navigate the online world with my business.  It was a super fun interview, and I hope you find it insightful and encouraging.  I've already received messages from people being inspired, encouraged or asking more questions.  And y'all, those never get old. :) 

So take a listen.  See if you like my friend and colleague Erin D. Pride as much as I do. I think you'll be seeing more and more of her.  

If you're a dance educator, Erin has resources and coaching services available.  Her specialty is teaching systems and curriculum for students.  She also has a membership program called "Dance Boss  University" where I am a proud founding member.  This membership is all about working with other dance educators guided by Erin's expertise to make our classrooms even better for our students. Here's her website to learn all things Dance Boss. 


PS.  If you enjoyed Erin's podcast as much as I did, please consider rating it and writing a review.  It would mean the world to her. :)  Here's the link to the podcast.  Listen as you're folding laundry, driving the kiddos or taking a walk. 






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