2 Tips to Grow Your Net Worth


"Your Net Worth is in Your Network."

Have you heard that before? 

I heard it about six months ago via a podcast.  (Maybe I learned of it earlier, but clearly the student wasn't ready to hear or learn.) 

What I do remember learning year ago was, "ask your network."  


Who's my network?  I don't have a network. I don't know anyone.  

Have you ever said or thought that?

With social media, we can gather "friends" quicker then an Instagram story.

Although some social media feeds can seem a bit over the top or fake, the truth is, social media is a fabulous way to grow your network.  Reaching out to ask question, or ask an opinion, to validate an idea, or to show off your latest creation. 

But don't let it stop there. 

This past year I have personally been working on "Creating and Deepening Relationships."  

Learning, listening, watching about people in my industry or personally whom I admire and creating relationships that are.... wait for it...


If I liked their podcast that week, I tell them what resonated and why.  If their blog post hit home for me, I message them why. If their picture made my heart happy, I share what made me tap a heart.

And this isn't just for social media.  If I see a student, or a friend or someone in my community doing something that lights me up, I tell them!

Side note: You guys.  This is REALLY hard for me.  I would just rather smile, and not say it out loud.  But then I think about how it makes me feel when someone tells me a genuine compliment.  It can transform my day! So I do it.

And guess what?

In doing this over time, people have reached out to me.  Asking about my little corner of the world, what I do and how it happens.  

And that, my friends, is where the magic happens.

It's through those conversations the doors have been opened.  Podcast interviews, guest blog writing, speaking or guest teaching opportunities, and of course the almighty referral.

In business we are told to be confident and bold. To get over ourselves, our thoughts and just do it. I know I've told a few people in my circle to "put on your brave unders."

But maybe you're in a tough season, or a little slump, or you're not sure the new "idea" will fly like you dreamed.  Or maybe you're like me and have struggled with confidence your whole life...

What I have learned is this. I can be "quietly" Brave by being genuinely Kind and Respectful.  

And with those two qualities you can create both a great Network, and a nice Net Worth. 








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