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Do You Have a Mentor? or Coach? 

A few years ago when I was asked that question I could barely answer it.  


Oh sure, I had some dance teachers from the past and a family member or two. 

But not anyone currently. 

But a hand full of years, the student wasn't ready to learn either.  I was up to my eyeballs in young kiddos and playing "teaching dance." 

Then life happened, and I needed to make the decision to make this "teaching dance thing" a business. So five years ago, on September 19, 2015 - I made that decision. 

So many great things have happened since then. TDH Virtual Dance on Demand - An online platform for teaching dance, my BoogieFit class curriculum created to help other dance studios grow their adult program, a huge growth in my brick and mortar, and now a second location! 


I'm just going take a huge breath of thankfulness. 


But here's the deal.  

It wouldn't have happened without some ~ and I should say a lot, of Mentors and Coaches. 

You guys, I poured every free minute into listening, reading and watching all things business, mind set, dance and entrepreneurship.  And I still do.  Every day, learning from people in my industry AND outside my industry. 

And because we live in this information age, there is a ton of knowledge out there.  But one of my favorite coaches and mentors that's risen to the top for me, is Alicia Jonas. 

I found Alicia while scrolling, and hopped into her Facebook Group Dance Studio Soulpreneurs.  And I've soaked up everything since!  And y'all, she has so much!

She's the real deal. Here's a little snippet about her and what she has for her mastermind ladies: 

"If you're ready to take your studio to the next level, lead confidently and powerfully, and create a business that fully supports you and the life you dream about, then you're in the right place. Alicia coaches studio owners who are COMMITTED to personal growth for her studio’s future and ready to take action to make her dreams a reality."

And guess what?

Alicia just launched her podcast last week and it is SO GOOD 

You guys, she's is going to blow up!  

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Her podcast promises this:

"Get support and real-life inspiration for growing your studio through valuable insights, time-tested advice, and actionable strategies. Dance Studio Amplified Podcast helps you create a business that generates consistent income and runs impeccably so you can live a life where business, family, and life meet harmoniously."

Doesn't that sound lovely!

And because we live in this social world - when her ideas work, I tell her.  When I have a question, I ask her.  And when I see her crushing it, I want to shout it from the roof tops for her! 

So grab your earbuds and go for a walk, or run an errand or finally get that laundry folded.  Alicia has some amazing nuggets that any business can apply!

Click here and listen to her first interview!  I think you'll like the guest. :) 


PS.  Because you read 'til the end, a little gift for you! Click HERE!










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