My 3 Tips to Crush Your Consistency

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It's the third week of September and by now that the dust has settled a bit. 

So, are you feeling like, "Ok, now I can focus!" 

I'm not sure about you, but the first couple weeks of September are always intense.  Lots of new schedules that are filled with just as many emotions.  Then you add in the fall season perks like Friday night football games, cooler evenings and fall allergies - which is not a perk, but I had to mention it because they are full on in my home. 

As a mama, the routine of school is very welcome - it adds a bit more structure to our days.  Allowing time to work on the business or passion projects.  However, there are those times when life happens, appointments are made or kiddos are sick, (again fall allergies.)

You guys, I'm heading into my 11th year of business with The Dancing House.  If there is one comment that I am told consistently it's, "You are so consistent."

pun is oh so intended :)

It's quickly followed up with this question: "How do you do it?"

I have many different aspects to my businesses and for most of them I'm a solo-preneur. I also have five kiddos ages 15-6yrs. and I'm a single mama.  

Not for the faint of heart. Just sayin'.

But how do I do it?

In these next few weeks I'm going to share a few of my tips and strategies.  This week I'll be highlighting 3 tips that I have used to help me stay on my game.  These aren't new concepts: I've learned from others that I've applied to my life and they have served me well.  

Let's do it. 

1. "Don't break the chain." 

I heard this story about Jerry Seinfeld. Basically, Mr. Seinfeld was asked "How do you be a great comedian?" and he gave this tip.  "Write a joke every day.  When you do, put an X on the calendar.  Then don't break the chain."

The psychology of this is mind blowing for me!  Seeing the X's, or the dates, or lists of what I did is HUGE and keeps me forging ahead!  I simply don't want to break the chain. 

For example, this blog, #WithGritandAdmiration, I write every single week.  I've done it for 18+ months.  Even when views are low, the fact that I've done it consistently every week gets me back on my computer to write another one.  It literally comes down to me not wanting to break the chain. 


2. Batch your work OR Block out your Calendar. 

This concept helps so much with productivity because I'm focused.  If my list includes:

Networking Event, Dr. Appt., Write blog, Make dinner, Reach out to new client, and Lesson planning for evening classes, my brain and energy level have to go in so many directions. 

So I've learned to batch my work.  The easiest way to start doing this for me was to delegate a day during the week strictly for appointments outside the studio and errands.  And that lucky day of the week?  


Tuesday is that day I actually put on real clothes and go out into the world and run my errands, volunteer, meet with clients or colleagues or run to the grocery store for last minutes items. In other words, my Tuesdays are out and about.  

Another way I batch my work is simply by blocking out my weeks to chunk of times that I need.

Literally draw out your week (in pretty colors if you wish) and delegate chunks of time that you do certain tasks weekly.  Whether it's an hour of time each day delegated to email, a morning delegated to new content, a two hour slot delegated to follow ups each wk.  

And then... here's where the genius comes in - Follow your plan!


3. Get an Accountability Partner!

It's a game changer.  Seriously. 

Hire a coach, join a mastermind or networking group, or find a running buddy that you connect with 3-4 times a week and solve all the worlds problems. 

Y'all.  I do all of them.  An accountability partner is HUGE.  Because once you say your goals out loud it's legit.  But once you say it out loud to your accountability person... that's where stuff happens.

So there you go!  My 3 Quick Tips for Crushing Your Consistency.  What are some tips you use?  Comment below!  

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Now, go crush your day!



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