3 Tips for Quick Visibility

We all need it. 

No matter what stage of our business ~ new, established or scaling ~whether we are staring out with our first client or we are launching a new product or service, we all want more eyes, more awareness, or more name recognition.   

We All Need More Visibility 

But before we launch into the tips, we need to make sure we're all on the same page. We have to back up and make sure you know exactly who your ICA is:  Your Ideal Customer Avatar.  Your Dream Client.  Your Tribe.  Your peeps.

Know where they shop, who they are married to, if they have kids, do they own a home, do they like beer or wine.  Know them so well and it will make all of this so much easier. 

But here'e another bonus of knowing your ideal client and I LOVE this one -

It makes it easier for people to refer you!  

When you specialize in an area or client - others know exactly who you can help or serve and therefor you become top of mind. 

For example, I don't just own a dance studio.  I own a dance studio that specializes in teaching beginner students of all ages the art of dance, in person and online. 

You can bet I say that when people ask what I do.  It's specific, and it will conjure up either questions or ideas that move the conversation forward.  And that's ideally what we all want right? A connection.  

So today I want to share 3 Quick tips for Visibility.  But before I do,  I feel I should first define "quick."  

Honestly, you could knock out all of these tips in a week. The ripple affect of them will outlast your week of effort.  But because I'm a consistency girl, I recommend doing each of these tips weekly, or quarterly, or monthly for maximum impact. 

Oh! And I must warn you.  All of these tips involve you getting out of your office and away from your computer or phone.  For some of you that sounds amazing. For others ... you may need to take a few deep breaths. 

But let's remember, that action creates momentum.  You probably have heard these tips before, they aren't new.  But are you doing them?  

Let's dive in:





#1. Speak 

It may be the scariest or most nerve racking, but as a business owner, getting out there and speaking comes with the territory.  

The quickest way to gain the "know, like and trust" factor is to speak in front of a group. 

And I'm guilty. It's hard for me to put myself out there. 

However, I know that every time I watch someone speak about what they do in a "formal" setting, I want to buy from them.  They are sharing about their business, so of course they are knowledgable and passionate.  Which makes me like and trust them with my hard earned dollars. 

#2. Events

Hold an event where you are teaching or adding value to your ideal clients. Or a shopping event where you're selling goodies that are just available at the event. For example, for my business it would be holding a sample class. 

But go the extra mile. See if you can collaborate with another business owner.  I LOVE doing this.  When I can find a business that has my same ICA without being a direct competitor ~ Boom!  Magic happens! 

Not only are we offering our ICA an amazing valued packed event, but we able to share the work load of putting on the event, which for busy entrepreneurs is awesome. 

#3. Network

You guys... You've heard the phrase, "Your Network is your Net Worth" and it's so true.  But you don't have to be part of a formal "networking group" although they are great, and I would highly recommend them. 

Your life is your network. Your kids, your hobbies, your church, library, hospital, or neighbors.  Get to know the people that you bump into every day.  Ask questions, and learn about them.  Then be amazed at the ripple effect.

This past spring I experienced an amazing ripple effect:  

While on my morning walk I took a screen capture of a podcast I was listening to and posted it on my IG story and tagged the podcaster.  The podcast host then direct messaged me, saying thank you and then proceeded to ask me about my business.  We started chatting, and she eventually asked me to be on her podcast.  Which lead to another podcast interview, which lead to me meeting my current business coach, which lead me to presenting in my business coach's master mind all about "Consistency." Which now has me heading up a group coaching of my own that I am launching in January! 

All this because of a screen shot and a quick shout out to the podcaster.  

Remember ~ Action creates Momentum!

So how can you show up to create more RAPID Visibility for your business?  Comment below with what you are going to start today, this week or this month.  

May you create so much momentum that your blow through your 2019 Goals.

Now Go Crush You Day!











PS. Want another tip for rapid visibility?  Head on over to my private FB group.  I'll be coming in Friday at 1pm to share with you one of my favorite tips!

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Nicole F.

Thanks for the great tips!! I love how your sharing about a favorite podcast and tagging the podcaster through you into forward movement. It really does start with giving.

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