What's Your Number?

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What's your number? 

No, I don't mean phone number.  Does anyone even ask that anymore? 

I mean your Enneagram Number. 

I'm a 3. 

My bestie is a 2. 

My assistant is a 7. 

If you haven't heard of the Enneagram, listen up. (I mean keep reading.)   If you already know your number, put it in the comments!  I'd love to know who my readers are. 

As a mama, business owner and a person who is trying to grow and improve daily, this little nugget of self assessment has single handily helped me understand, improve and understand my relationships better, or at least with much better understanding. 

It's been kind of a joke that after I first meet you I'll give you a silent assessment.  If we get to know each other further, I'll either ask you point blank what your number is, or ask you to take a test.  When people find out their results, they always respond with a excited, "WOW!"

This happened recently a couple weekends ago.  After a particularly tough day being a mama, it was late at night and baby #3 crawled into bed with me.  We were chatting about the day, and then I said, "Hey, let's play a game!"  I proceeded to read her the questions on the free enneagram test.  After I read her results she looked at me with equal parts shock, confusion and amazement, "Mama! How do they know this about me?  How do they know how I think!?"

I let out a huge laugh as I proceeded read her results and learn together about my child who is an 8. (Not at all surprising.)

But as a business owner, I also make my potential staff members take the test before I hire them.  This is where it is so valuable.  The Enneagram gives you your underlying motives as well as what makes a "healthy number" and how you tend to react when you are not in your "best state."  But what I love most is how it has helped me know what numbers are best for me to collaborate and help me see my blind spots. It also helps me knowing what will motivate my staff and how I can lead and manage them well. 

Ready to learn your number? 

I'm going to share two places. This one is FREE and will give you a good idea of what number you are as well as a synopsis of your great qualities and what to watch out for. 

If you'd like to take a full on legit test, CLICK HERE.  Ian Cron is the guru of the Enneagram and has an in depth assessment.  And if you haven't pick up his book, it's a must read.  Grab your copy here, or add it to your book list. 

And as you know, I'm a podcast junkie.  So if you want to listen to some stellar conversations on the Enneagram here are a few that I loved. 

Michael Hyatt Part 1 with Ian Morgan Cron (1 - 4)

Michael Hyatt Part 2 with Ian Morgan Cron (5-9)

Coffee & Enneagram

If you never heard of the Enneagram, I hope you found this intriguing.  I seriously get giddy when people who haven't heard of it take the test for the first time and their mouths drop open.  If you do know your number, comment below!  

Thanks for reading.  

Now go crush your day. 



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