This 1 Mistake Might be Costing You

Are You Making this One Mistake_

I'm not usually confrontational. 

I like avoid those awkward moments and just quietly walk away.   But as a business owner, I see this happening, and I wanna kinda yell out to my fellow business owner ~

"You're missing an Opportunity!"

So I'm "yelling it out" here. 

I hope you can hear me :)

And before I start my rant, I need to tell you that after seeing the mistake others were doing, I needed to take a look at myself.  Was I guilty of this same mistake?  Was I innocently leaving money on the table? Was I missing out on the opportunity for people to get my content because of this easily missed detail?  

yea... guilty.  (as I sit a little lower in my chair.) And it wasn't years ago... it was somewhat recent when a colleague direct messaged me about an IG story.  

"Melissa, this needs to be branded."  

ugh.  So embarrassing. 

So that's why I'm being hyper intentional about it.

Walking the talk. 

So. What is it? 

What's this easily missed detail?

You guys, every thing that you put out in this world, needs to be branded.


People need to know where this amazing event, product or service is being offered.  Your logo or name needs to be on it.  The only time I feel that you can forego the branding is when it's a picture of you, but even then... if it's a really great picture, people will stop and look at it.  If they stop and look, they want to know more about you! And you need to show them.  You need to make it SO EASY for them to find you.  So your website or logo has to be on it! 


I warned ya.

Marketing in this world is hard! 

Images are thrown in our face so fast.  If we don't have any copy (a.k.a. words or logo) showing our audience where they can find more, we are throwing money out the window. 

For real.  

I recently saw a few dance pictures "for free!"   I say it like that, because these were great photos!  They could be stock photos, however I knew they from studios that posted as their own.  However, when you post a great photo from your studio, and don't brand it, anyone can download them and use them as their own. 

And y'all, and that's exactly what I did. Here's one of my favorites.  Like a BossToddler Walking to Class BW











Isn't she perfectly sassy?  I love it.

So, if you didn't know this trick ~ consider yourself informed. Please take note, and don't loose valuable eye balls missing your great content. Whether they are your personal photos, or stock photos, if you don't brand it, it's not yours to keep. The harsh reality of an online world.  

Now get to business and go crush your day!

(Sorry for the rant.)










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