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Have you ever been a fan of someone?  Like a die hard fan? 

A fan, a supporter, a groupie where you felt like you were genuinely a small part of their success? You went to the concerts and stage door to await an autograph, you bought the t-shirts & albums, you read and watched everything about them so that you could be the "expert" and answer any trivia question that may come up in social settings.  

It could be someone famous like Cher, or Madonna or Oprah (I love famous people that don't need a last name) or it could be an author, an artist, a business, a brand, your mentor, or - your friend. 

And then they... (or you) totally change. 

Their music doesn't groove, their words don't resonate, their performances are lack luster, or their brand has become dusty, and well - you know, friends come and go. 

This is a part of the journey that I struggle with. 


As a mama, a business owner, an entrepreneur and an artist, changes are constant. We grow, we learn, and we transition into our new role.   

It's a time of fresh innovation, new scenery and the thrilling ride of uncertainty.

But at the same time, that is why I am so freakin' excited to share with you a transition that I am making in my business. 

Introducing "In the Nitty Gritty"

a podcast dedicated to women entrepreneurs who are juggling work, life, kids and everything else nitty gritty.  

You’re about to join conversations that speak to all the hats we juggle as we navigate this road of life as gracefully as we can.  Sportin’ our favorite leggins’, a messy bun with mascara & lip gloss on, we are holding our sippy cup filled with coffee that keeps us running to all the things so we can enjoy those little moments that make this crazy journey oh so worth it. 

Life is full, busy, messy, rewarding, challenging, ugly, scary, and so not  perfect. But the dreams we have are wildly vivid and we are going to make them our reality. So hoosh up your leggin’s ladies, grab your coffee and let’s get real!

You are so totally invited to be part of the journey.  

What can you can do? I'm so glad you asked. 

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Thank you all for being part of this journey. 

I started this blog over two years ago, and have met countless friends and colleagues who have supported, encouraged, taught and mentored me.  I would love for the journey to continue, but understand completely if it's time to break up.  In fact, simply click here to unsubscribe and I won't bug you anymore. 

Ready to take a listen?  

Here you go!



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