Boundaries with...Partners

Happy Wednesday!

Welcome back to another episode of In The Nitty Gritty! 

Today's episode is my first interview!  A little milestone in the podcasting world. :) And this first one is pretty darn special. 

If you've been around me at any length of time in person, or online, or in your ears, you've heard me talk about my business bestie.  She is a BIG reason my business is what it is today.  So I wanted to introduce you sooner than later.

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Meet Sara Capecchi, a realtor who is crushing it, but not afraid to share her nitty gritty on the podcast and how she is continuing to grow, learn and be better.  Balancing work and family is no small task, but Sara has a great word to help her stay true to her priorities. She also opens up about her marriage and the grit it has taken. 


Episode #8: Boundaries...with Partners

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