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Most of us are in a "it's safer to stay home" quarantine - but let's be real.  There are very real moments when I'm thinking I might be safer to leave.  Not sure about you, but I wasn't meant to be a stay at home mama who home schools & runs a business.  

Baby #4 asked if knew how to do long division.  Ummmm 












So in my house there have been a lot of skateboard tricks learned, basketball games played, chalk masterpieces designed, picture murals hung and some high calorie baking done. 

So basically I've nailed gym, art and a few math fractions. Gold star ⭐️

But you guys, throughout all of this uncertainty, I've also taken a lot of walks where I'm learning and reflecting. Praying and questioning.  Freaking out and letting it go. 

We will forever be changed by what is happening in our world today...

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