✨Need Some Calm During this Storm?✨



I'm not sure about you, but I'm feeling a bit of overwhelm right now. 

Not only am I still working my business "per usual" (we've made our regular scheduled programming all virtual) but i'm also creating more content for my Dance on Demand membership, and making even more of an effort to take care of my current clients. 

Much like you I'm sure. 💗 

But then you add kids at home, siblings bickering, partners working from home, and the laundry list of things to do which literally include "the laundry" and keeping the fridge stocked - seriously they never stop eating.... my nerves are a little fried. 

Anyone else? 🙋🏻‍♀️

That's why I have taken a big deep breath. 










Maybe 5. 

But I've given myself permission to let go of something things... and just focus on one thing. 

In my favorite episode to date, (and my producer's - he mentioned he even learned something!)  I break down 5 action items you could do right now that will move the needle forward in your business. 

Catch this short, but super packed episode right here!


Melissa Rose









PS.  Keep those reviews coming!  They mean the WORLD!😘. For real.  They are life right now.  

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