#49: I never say this, but...


It's Not about the Numbers.

Well, at least not always. 

And my guest this week reminded me of this. 

Welcome back to In the Nitty Gritty.

Today's guest is really special!  

Lisa is a physical therapist that I met through a mutual friend and her awesome podcast, Fit Freedom. Go check it out!

Lisa shares the ebbs and flows of growing a virtual business and has some great nuggets when it comes to claiming our success as moms and entrepreneurs. And why looking at your numbers isn’t as important as I preach. 😉

A bit about our featured guest!

There is so much confusion out there about the nutrition and fitness industry and I want to help you simplify it. 
Let's learn how to lose weight with ease!

Highlighted Quotes:

"People think that going from a brick and mortar to an online business is easy.  It's not.  They are completely different." - Lisa Holten

"When I started my online business, it helped me get even better at my marketing for my brick and mortar." - Melissa Rose

"I get to do what I really like, and therefore I'm attracting more of the right people to work with me." - Melissa Rose

"You figure it out by doing it over and over." - Melissa Rose

"My morning routine is super strict. I never miss a day because it not only provides endorphins, but it helps calm my brain so the really great ideas can come." - Lisa Holten

What Can You Do?

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Or better yet, leave an honest rating and review.  It tells others how much you loved it, and I'll shout you out on the podcast. 

So grab your earbuds and listen!

Enjoy the show ladies! 


Melissa Rose


PS. All the links so you can properly stalk our guest! 

Podcast: Fit Freedom
Website: www.lisaholtan.com
FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MindfulNutritionandSuccessHabits
Instagram: @ptwithlisa    

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