The Logic of This is Overwhelming...

Do you ever have those moments where you're talking to a coach, or friend and you're like... "For Real? I seriously couldn't think of that on my own?"

Well, I know it's hard to believe  but, I have them ALL. THE. TIME.  :)

The thing is, I can tell anyone else how to fix their technique, or tweak their choreography, or run their studio better... but when it comes to my own, I can't quite see as clearly...  Anyone else? 

So here's a quick tip that I had hit over my head last week.  Forgive me if you're like, really Melissa?  This is it....? But maybe there are one or two of you that are like me?  (and you like milk chocolate over dark or prefer beer over wine? if so, then we should totally be friends)

Summer sessions are coming up & next years season is being announced.  So I'm going through my To Dos: 

Post it! (check)

Email it! (check)

Newsletter it (check)

Facebook Ad (Check)

But here's the BIG ONE! 

Print out a flyer and hand it to ALL Current students! 


I haven't done this... I've always been so wrapped up in making sure all my digital ducks are in a row, I simply forgot the "old fashioned way," which honestly, has done more for my registrations this week than anything! 

Perhaps it's the timing or perhaps mom/dad had a moment to take a breath and look at the calendar.  But it's THE ONE "to do" item I will NOT forget again!

Go make it a GREAT day y'all!



Owner of The Dancing House & Boogie Fit Curriculum 


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