5 Quick Ideas to Grow

Fast and Quick... 

I asked some of my favorite colleagues in the biz, Jessica Foley of Rapids Performing Arts & Rebecca McCarthy of RMSD on how to get their studio names out there and grow!  

Here are my top 6!  Yes... Bonus 

6. Add a New Class! - Yes, one that can be targeted to people already walking through your doors is ideal!  Boogie Fit Curriculum is a great one that comes to mind :) But really, Yoga, or Boys Hip Hop, or Social Dance Classes etc.  Adding even a shorter session of what you already offer can help bring in new people and help you grow.  For example I have a Tap/Ballet Combo. class that I teach all season.  But I also offer the same class in 8 week sessions.  

5. Silent Auctions, Carnivals, Church Fundraisers - Print out some Gift Certificates and donate lessons, sessions, private lessons etc.  Be an active part of your community.  You are part of a great community that wants to support you... especially when you are supporting them.  People are always watching, and noticing how you support other vendors. 

4. Parades! - Grab a group of energetic dancers and create a short movable sequence that is effective and sharp! Catching peoples eye so that they want to get your flyers you're handing out! Don't forget the candy!

3. Events! - I love events.  I host at least 1 once a month with the tag line: "for past, present and future student of The Dancing House."  I create a fun event around a class i.e. Wine & Warriors or Tea & Tendu's.  It's a great way to bring people into the studio who may not normally walk through your doors. 

2. Daddy Daughter Dance - Host it at your studio and have your older student help decorate.  Or take it a step further and have it be a fundraiser for Comp. Teams or Companies by having the older girls do hair and make up for the littles.  

1. Studio Wear! - Offer a FREE T-Shirt with registration.  Something that can be worn all seasons is ideal because students wear it!  Free, easy advertising from the BEST source! Your tribe!

Do you have some of your own?  Share them... let's help each other grow! 


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Hand out your Business Card during Halloween with "no trick! Try a class for free!" Or coupon... 

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