Embrace the Moment because....

Is that awesome?

Is that freeing? 

Is that frustrating? 

Is that depressing? 

Is that encouraging? 

Is that peaceful?

We're coming into the final weeks of the dance season...so many things to do, and lots of emotions in the air. 

Perhaps the season wasn't exactly what you had hoped. Maybe you lost teachers, or recently received a lower than exceptional review of your studio, or the numbers weren't where they were a year ago... and now we're heading into summer. 

Or perhaps it was a fabulous year! You crushed your competitions, or your choreography had the extra touch of brilliance, or people are loving your and your amazing staff, or your numbers were up across the spreadsheet. 

Either Way, You Are Exactly Where You Are Suppose to Be. 

What you do with this moment is important... reflect, ask questions, think outside the box, challenge yourself, listen to those around you, or don't and keep the blinders on, or just be quiet... and wait. 

I simply love this quote... because for me, it allows me Peace.  Not that I don't dream for more... but it allows me a breath of, "Melissa... you are exactly where you are suppose to be." 

Take it.  

Embrace it. 

Learn from it. 

and Grow... stronger, wiser, and deeper.  

So, friend... You are EXACTLY where you are suppose to be.  

Take it. 

Embrace it. 

Learn from it. 

and Grow... stronger, wiser and deeper.

So where are you? Comment below... and let's encourage each other on this journey!  


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