It's the Holiest of Days....

It's a GREAT Day....

Mother's Day! 

And before I loose some of you.... yes, I realize some of you may not be moms.... I need to tell you,

YOU are Playing the Role. 

As I sit here, "watching" BENJI with my two boys... while my middle one is showering, my second is chilling and my top one is doing her nails... I am thinking of the important imprint you all make in our "little world." 

You see, you may not be a mama... but you play a nurturing, loving, supportive, encouraging, expectation filled, work your tail off, loose sleep, teary eyed as you watch your student improve, finally gets it, works hard class after class with little improvement only to see them finally come to the other side of the hard work flourishing beyond what they even thought was possible! YES!

YOU are a GIFT! 

Please don't forget that... So many of our students come into the studio and it's the highlight of their day or week. Perhaps you remember what that felt like?? I know the day to day of being a teacher/studio owner it can be super exhausting.... but it's also so amazingly rewarding. 

Just like mama-hood. 

With Respect and Admiration....




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Melissa Rose

It was a great day.... I love all my "kids".... 

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