For the Love.... Just start already!

OK.... I'm kind talking to myself.  But maybe you can relate? 

I'm a professional procrastinator.  Seriously... If I could get paid to procrastinate, I'd be rolling in moola.  Serious moola. 

And here's the deal... I know I am. I will wait til the last minute and pull it out, and usually it's ok.  But if I really took what, maybe a few extra minutes, or hours, or in some cases days or weeks, man, I WOULD CRUSH IT!  

So why? Who knows... because when I make my lists, and work backwards, timing out what needs to get done so I don't stress myself or my family out, I am so much more calmer, and over all a nicer person to be around. 


But this past week, I've been listen to another amazing book.  Another one I HIGHLY recommend.  It's like being in the counselor chair.  I'm sure you've heard of Mel Robbins and her awesome 5 Second Rule  If your a parent, you've probably used it a few times today.  :)   It's the end of summer y'all. 

The 5 Second Rule  Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 9.14.21 PM.png

by Mel Robbins, is about the phycology of making a decision.  Her Ted talk is amazing, and I've watched her in other arenas. 

However, her latest book, Kick Ass Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 9.18.35 PM.png

has me laughing and crying and shouting YES!!!!  Listening to the interviews/coaching sessions live and hearing how the self discovery happens... I am cheering on the clients, nodding my head yes, and hanging on to every word of  raw, tough, and invaluable teachable moments that carry through the ear buds and into my own crazy mind of story telling.  This is a must LISTEN to! 

So... Download the book, and get the ear buds in while you go for your Labor Day trip.... and be re-energized for your Q4 of 2018! YIKES!!!

With Grit & Admiration, 

Melissa - Creator of Boogie Fit Curriculum 






PS.  Because you read ALL of this... a little gift for you!






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