What are YOU Worth?

Who's busy? 

Dumb question right? 

Most of you are probably thinking, "Ummm, yes! I'm maxed out with work, teaching, studio ownership responsibilities, being a partner, parent, friend, coach, etc."

Yea, that's what I thought. So I appreciate you for taking the 3 minutes to read this.  (I promise to deliver.) 

I'm "busy" too. But, I want more! 

Yup... first world problem, and I fully own it. 

I want greatness pouring out of me in everything I do. (Some might say, "lower your expectations girl.") 

But I believe we were all intended for huge GREATNESS! 

Teacher, studio owner, partner, parent, coach, friend, gardener, baker, candle stick maker.  Whatever we do, we should strive to do it with such excellence that the world says, "How did we survive without you!"  (yea, I'm not into lowering my expectations.)  

I've taught dance for over 20 years. It's comfortable, it's "easy" and it's what I know and love.  But are there other things I could do or should do?  

Or better said:

"Are there things I can cut out to grow further - faster?" 

I'm a huge Michael Hyatt fan.  Leadership, productivity and time management guru.  He recently was interviewed on Amy Porterfield's podcast.  And the nuggets of greatness in that episode there were so awesome.  There are many, but I want to talk about just one. 

You've probably heard before - but maybe not explained this way. 


We all need it & want it.  But we're not getting it because of these objections. Do they sound familiar?

"I don't have the time to explain how to do it to my expectations."
"I don't have the money."
"It's just easier to do myself."

Michael says,

"When we are at the center of our business like that, we can't grow past our cabability, but more importantly, our time." 



Hiring help may seem daunting, scary, expensive and take a bit of your time.  But Michael says it this way. 

"You're paying for it anyway."  

Say you can make $150/hr. in your zone of genius, and let's say that's teaching a dance class. 

After class you find yourself designing a summer camp & classes. Not because you want to, but because you need to.  Well, because you're not a master in Canva.com, you're spending about 2 hours to create something that you know someone else could do in 45 minutes. 

Um. So would you pay that someone $300 for 45 minutes?  And that doesn't count the cost to print it! 

No. The answer is no! 

You could find someone who's way more efficient with their time and design it WAY better than you can.  So why are YOU doing it?  You could hire it out for $50/hr. and teach another class and come out way ahead!  Or take those two hours and hang out with your family and still come out ahead.

What can you take off your table so you can work in your zone of genius more. Allowing you to give yourself a raise AND some breathing room. 

The answer isn't to do more. Or do it all. 

The answer is : Do Less & Grow More! 

Sounds too good to be true right? 

Believe me, this blog just isn't for you.  I encourage you to listen to the podcast, or grab any one of Michael's books.  He's a salt of the earth guy who leads with such integrity & practicality.   

Who could you hire allowing you to give yourself a raise? More time, more efficiency? 

What's holding you back?

Not sure where to start? For the next few days, write an ongoing list of what you could delegate.  Then start the process of hiring a V.A. (Virtual Assistant) or another free-lance contractor.  Start with two hours a week and then slowly grow. 

You can do this! 

You got this! 

You're gonna crush your goals and then some! I believe in you!

Now Go Crush Your Day!








ps. Grab my other 3 tips on growing here! Because it's only FUN to grow!



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