Are you Gritty?

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And I don't mean do you feel gritty.  As in, yea, I could probably use a shower. 

What I mean is...

Do you have the Grit? 

Do you have the Teeth? 

Do you have the desire so badly that you can't let it go? No matter how many times you get kicked down, rejected, un-answered or cut off? 

I'd like to say we all have it. 

Actually, I believe we do... but to what level of grit are we willing to take on.  Perhaps your grit is a bit more delicate... for those soft woods that can't have too much abrasion or it will wreck the beauty of the wood.  Or are you the durable hardwood, that can take more abuse and not get easily marred?  

Either works! Greatness is inside all of us.  We are designed by the universe to be great.  Be it a great teacher, business owner, friend, joke teller, gardener, baker, or candle stick maker. 

Just recently I listened to two inspiring professionals in completely different fields.  They both spoke of how they had people recently come up to them and say, "I want to be where you are."  "Great!"  Both professionals cheered on their admirers! 

And - without pause, they both added, "Are you willing to work nights, get up early, make the phone calls, do the out reach, work a little to nothing paid gig to gain the experience to take you to the next level, and then do this, and this, and this, and this, and this... " as they listed off more of the mundane, boring, painful, time consuming sacrifices they endured to get to the top of their game. 

You get the picture. 

The greatness we see in those we admire - rarely, and I mean RARELY is achieved over night... it's usually is months, and years of dedication to that dream... that they grit their teeth and do whatever it takes to make it happen.  Because they choose to.  

And this is done both professionally and personally.  Those amazing marriages, or families, or companies or businesses. They just didn't happen. 

So why, Why, WHY do we (and please know this is for me) get so caught up in comparing their success with ours?  Our starting line isn't the same.  Our course isn't the same.  Heck, we're not even in the same race!   

So get your blinders on y'all. And focus in on what YOU want out of your one amazing life. 

See YOUR BIG dreams so vividly.  

And then grit your teeth and chase it with your hair on fire. 

Do what it takes to shine your light bright for the world... because believe me, we all wanna see YOU be AMAZING! It gives us hope and brings us so much joy.  AND it makes our world a bit brighter! 

And here's a little Gift, just for you. 


Melissa - Creator of Boogie Fit Curriculum 


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Melissa Rose

Easier said then done.... just sayin'

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