The Co$t of Rest.

You guys... I did it!

I just went on my first ever VACATION with my kiddos. 


Legit getaway outside of Gramma & Grampas house and it was a big deal for my family.  

A vacation was needed for us all.  Some time to bond and be waaaay more relaxed.  Running my businesses, and being a single mom aren't for the weary of heart.  My kiddos range from 14-5y. and we are in full mode of running and chasing.  Seldom do I have ALL of my children home at the same time.  I was feeling time slipping away, and desperately wanted to create a memory that we all could truly cherish. 


Anyone who has traveled with kiddos, knows that ultimately... it's a going to be a business trip.  The researching, the planning, the budgeting, making the lists, checking them constantly only to forget the corn on the cob and brownies that baby #3 begged you to make,  could leave you triple thinking your decision to take a vacation in the first place.

So, after we had settled in, and did some fishing, went tubing, paddle boarding, and went finding more adventures in town because of of a day of rain, (all this done by day 3) ... I crashed.  

And I mean CRRRR ASHED! 



This is yours truly. 

On a boat, pulled up to the sandbar. TONS of kiddos laughing and squealing.  Music blaring.  I sit down, probably about to enjoy the beer I just opened, only to somewhat recline and promptly fall asleep.  Apparently in mid reaction to someones question I didn't understand.  Perhaps I was going to have the cheese stick that's gripped in my hand with the beer I just opened. Who knows... but when I re-entered the world, I was mildly shocked to find out that almost 30 minutes had passed.


You all know this already, but I share this to remind me, and maybe you... hopefully through humor, that our bodies, minds and souls need rest.  So please do NOT feel guilty to do ... no, not DO... but Stop.  Breathe.  Close your eyes. Stop your mind, and Rest. Take that 20 minutes, or hour or day or 3 week vacation. 

The lists will be there when you come back, but then you'll have the energy to crush through them! 

The vacation? 

It was as lovely as we imagined.  I rented a cabin for a week, and we headed to the lake.  Paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking, tubing, basking in the sun, playing cards, eating yummy food, making new friends and growing stronger as a family.  





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