#95: 3 Reasons Businesses Fail

As we head into 2022, I know you have goals. 'Cuz you're a high achiever. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Whether it's more sales, more profit, more time, or ALL OF IT! (yes - that can really happen!)

Let's be intentional about how we are looking ahead in our business. We want to make sure you are NOT creating more work, but doing the work that lights us up, pays us well and allows us the opportunity to do the other things in life that we love. In order to do that, we have to pay attention to these 3 mistakes business owners make.

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Hey there, business owner. Do you say these words to. I am always working. I work too much. I never can get the list done or why even bother taking a vacation because when I come home, there's always so much work to catch up. If that is you, I want you to come to my workshop tomorrow, November 18th at 2:00 PM. This is, workshop the only three you need get more people coming in your door is paying you what you're worth. So you can have more profits in your pocket. This is all about doing less to get more. And I'm going to share with you how to do that in my free workshop tomorrow, the only three you need. Grab your spot by coming to MsMelissarose.com/freeworkshop. And I will see you there tomorrow.
Hey there everybody. Welcome back to another episode of brick and mortar visibility. I'm your host, Melissa Rose, and so good to be here. Thanks for putting me in your ears. We have had an influx of people listening, so I just want to welcome everybody, especially if you're new. This podcast is all about the brick and mortar business owner. Each week I come in and share with you tips, tools, and strategies that I've learned in my brick and mortar business to help you in yours. To help you succeed and flourish and thrive to create a business that lights you up and leaves a great legacy for your family and your community. We are in the fourth quarter y'all we are getting towards the end of 2021. We are heading into the holiday season. Many of us are looking forward to 2022 and starting to plan and game plan and project what our goals are for that year and what we're set out to do. So I wanted to come in and share with you the three reasons why businesses fail, because I just want us to be super mindful of our choices that we make for 2022.
If you have not grabbed your seat from my workshop tomorrow, I really encourage you to do this because. I'm a fan of doing less of taking things away and really stripping it down to the bare essentials and doing it really well. For those of you that don't know my story. Just real quick, I have a brick and mortar dance studio I've had it for 13 years. I am a single mom of five kids, and I also have this coaching business where I help brick and mortars be the only option in town for their industry. And I am not able to do all this unless I was super intentional about what I said yes to. So that is what I want to talk about today. The three reasons businesses fail. And I want you to think about this going forward with your marketing and with your products and services. I'm going to set this podcast up with a quote from the book, essential ism. I love that book by Greg McKeown. He is just lovely in how he just breaks it down into the nitty gritty. And if you have not read that book essentialism, please grab it. The quote from that book is it takes courage to eliminate the non essential. I love that. Just let that sink in for a moment. It takes courage to eliminate the nonessential. We are a society. We are a group of people in this moment in time that thrive on being busy and the perception of busy and that then equates to successful. And I get it all the time. You guys, because people see my social media and how consistent we are and how we're doing it, that they go, oh my gosh, you're doing so well. You are just crushing it. We're doing good. I'm not going to say, we're not doing well. We're doing great. I'm very pleased with where I am as a business. However, I have a lot of help and I have a lot of systems in place and I have slowly added more things onto my plate because I've created foundations to make that happen. So that is why I wanted to talk about this. The three reasons businesses fail. Okay. So let's dive in the first one, our products or service. Okay. That might seem really obvious. If you have a product that's not selling well, then don't sell it. Or if your services and selling don't sell it. But here's what I see business owners do. You open a storefront based on desire, passion, education, and you offer a product or service. Especially early on in our business. We add, oh yeah, I can do that. When people ask, well, do you do this? Sure. I do that. Oh, could you sell this? Sure. I can sell that. And before, you know, it are offering so many products or services that really don't line up with who you are. And then that brings us into the marketing aspect of that .We are marketing products or services to sell them. And when we market products or services, we should really be marketing our tap sellers and our most profitable products because the market has told us what they like. So our audience has told us what they like. So we should be putting our time and energy into those products and services that do well, but most business owners do the opposite. They see this product or service that isn't selling well, or we need to get more clients doing this service and they promote that and it then becomes so heavy and so hard to do it. And our businesses should not feel like that you guys, we went into business to free ourselves from all that. We went into business that we could do what we love and what we're passionate about, what our education is in. So our businesses, we have complete control over how it makes us feel. So if our business is feeling heavy in a certain area with a product or service that we have to offer. Get rid of it. Can I be any more blunt? Get rid of it and listen to what your people want. So products or services is the first problem.
The second problem then is the strategy. Like I said, we tend to then market or try to promote the products or services that aren't selling well, but we're also then trying to do too many platforms in getting the word out about our business. And what I teach my people is three strategies. That's why I want you to come to this workshop tomorrow. The only three you need. And I want you to dial in on three and then create the foundation of automation, systems delegation, so that you can then scale it. And then you can add more. So. When we're starting out, we're offering too many products or services and getting away from our core alignment of what, and who we are. And then we're trying to promote it in all the ways. And then, because we're doing that, our systems or operations, which brings us to the third point is just a mess. Because we are just flying by the seat of our pants and we're like, oh, we did this last year. Let's do it again. Oh, what did we do? Uh, okay.
Let's put together that email or let's put together that social or, oh yeah. I'll, I'll speak there because that makes sense right now. And we're just flying by the seat of our pants. And I get it. I get it because we are doing all the things. Most of us are doing too much. So because our products and services are not lining up with who we truly are and what we want to offer our people.
We're offering too much. Our marketing is not strategic in the fact that we're doing too many things. We're promoting too many products or services and we're not dialed in on my three that I want you to do. We're not dialed in on one or two or three platforms and we're just doing everything.
And then, because we're doing everything, we have no systems in place. And we have no automation in place and we have no team in place. And therefore it's just a mess behind the scenes and you can do that for a year or two, but sooner or later, it's gonna implode on you. You're going to get resentful. You're going to be burned out and exhausted. And you're going to throw your hands up and say, forget it. I'm going to get a job . Becasue you're just sick of working all the time. And that is what most people are doing is they're working all the time because they don't have these three things in place. Neatly succinctly so that they can run efficiently. We want that well on the machine that can scale that is profitable, that we can eventually sell if we wish. And we don't get it by offering all the things and doing all the marketing in every direction on all the platforms and not having systems in place so that is what I really help clients dial in on, because I want your time back for you.
I want you to be able to enjoy your business. I want you to be able to be like, huh, I kind of don't have anything to do today. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine sitting on a Tuesday afternoon and just going, huh? There's nothing that's like dire need today . I think I can go get a massage or, gosh, I'm just going to go window shop. And if I find something that lights me up Im going to buy it, like, what would that feel like on a Tuesday afternoon or on a Thursday afternoon when other people are working are going to have a leisurely lunch with a girlfriend. That's what I want for you. You work so hard to build that business, to create that business And I want you to enjoy it. I want it to light you up in all the ways and not just from other people saying you're doing amazing, but I want you to know truly inside that you are crushing it and you are rocking and you are doing great things for yourself, your family and your community. That's what I want for you.
All right. So as you plan out and as you start to think about your 2022, I want you to think about your products and services that you're offering. Are they truly in alignment to who you are. And what you do and who you serve, and then your strategy, your strategy to promote those products and services. Can you be brave? Can you have the courage to eliminate the nonessential? Look at what you're doing and pay attention and look at the numbers is what you're doing, working, or do you need to change course a bit, or do you need to add gas to the fire of what you are doing and do more of it or do it even better.
And then creating those systems. What can you automate? Automation is so amazing. Y'all when it comes and it's done for you behind the scenes and you're making money behind the scenes because you created systems and automation, or you have an amazing team to help you. It's awesome. And I want that for you. I want you to love your business.
All right, guys. I hope you got some value out of this. I hope it may be lit a fire under you that you can look ahead and go. What can I take off my plate? Or what can I add fire to? What can I make work even better for me?
If you got any value out of today, I would love to hear from you. Please DM me on Instagram, brick and mortar visibility. And let me know what your takeaways are or better yet leave a rating on apple iTunes, an honest rating and review. I value those so much. It helps more awesome brick and mortar business owners hear about the podcast. And as a thank you, I get to shout you out and your business on the podcast. All right guys. Have a great week. We'll see you here. Same time, same place. Next week. Peace. Bye-bye.


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