A little Freebie for you!

When you find a product, or destination or an app that you LOVE you kinda wanna share it with everyone, right?

If you own a business, you most likely have an on boarding process that is all done online.  Weather people can actually sign up or set up appointment online or get everything they need to make a buying decision so that when you finally meet them, they are basically handing over their credit card. That's a great feeling.  The world wide web has been able to "do" so much of our "work." 

However, in this digital world and online convenience, the personal interaction can be a bit harder.  Sure I can send you an email, with your name in it , and say thank you for the registration or order, or message you, or send you a voice message.  Sometimes we even get to talk to our potential client on the phone.  Kind of a novelty these days, right?

But, when almost all of our client interactions are done online, how can we go the extra mile? Making that new client feel like they really matter, are important and special to us.  How can we gain their trust and loyalty?  

About two months ago, I received a personalized welcome video for an online class I took.  A 20 second video from the owner, who had thousands of members already, who said MY name and said thank you TO ME for signing on!  It made such a HUGE impact on me, that I have become a huge fan. Basically, I read every one of his emails, and blogs and watch training videos just because of that 1 welcome video!

Isn't that what we all want?  A tribe that is fiercely Loyal?

So check it out. It's FREE! and I love it! 


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