I'm embarrassed to ask... but do you struggle to pay the bills?


As a dance teacher/studio owner... we "only work" about 9 months out of the year.  (and yes, you can roll your eyes. I know we work more....) But the majority of our income, comes during the school year or September - June.  

So... unless you wanna work until your 93, most of us have another avenue or two or three of income. 

Millionaires have WAY more then one stream of income. 

So as a business woman, and someone who doesn't want to eat Ramen Noodles now OR when I retire, I am choosing to have a side hustle a.k.a Multi Level Marketing business.  And don't worry.  I'm not going to sell you anything, promise. 

But.  I will say that if you've ever thought, "is that worth it?" I believe it is.  But let's be real: it's a job. Albeit a very flexible one ~ very part time to full time. But ~ in order to create an INCOME - It takes some work.

But what I didn't expect was how much my Side Gig would influence my Main Gig.  Here's my  Top #10.  

10. Social Media - This one WAS, and STILL IS huge. Learning how to use Social Media to attract, engage, and create curiosity has been huge for growing my dance studio business. Learning how to post in authentic ways that get my readers to read, comment and ask questions.  I am still learning, believe me, but I've come a long way from - 

"Take Couples Dance Lesson.  Make your Date Night Memorable."

to rather:

"Have a group of friends? Looking for a fun and memorable date night? Learn how to dance, without stepping on anyones toes, AND have a blast!  Take your swaying back and forth to a new level and learn a few simple steps that would make even John Travolta give you a second look. Want more info? Message me for details and availability."

And I'm here to help... I've put together a FREE guide. It helps you know exactly What to post When.

9. Consistency - Every. Single. Day. Reaching out, calling, messaging, posting, sharing, announcing.  That is the S&@# Sandwich.  But that's the sandwich that will feed you.  Meet new people DAILY.  How?  Clubs, schools, church, kids activities, formal networking events, masterminds etc.  Meet someone new daily.  They may know someone who knows someone who needs exactly what you have to offer. 

7. Be Good to your Tribe - This one is HUGE for me.  My amazing families that come to my studio, and my peeps that buy from me in my side hustle are LOYAL.  And I am so thankful. However, I had a black and white moment last year when I looked at my PNL.  I was too generous to my tribe.  I was giving away too many goods that cost me way too much money out of pocket. Ouch. I have since cut back on the gifting.  But a hand written thank you card?  Y'all... that never goes out of style. 

6. Recognition - Um, most of us are in the dance world.  We all love it.  Everyone loves it.  Not everyone may like the spotlight, but everyone likes to be appreciated.  Quietly or loudly.  So write a note, send a private message, text or a GIF, or shout it from the rooftops.  Show them that they are appreciated. 

5. Community - I have really worked hard to foster a "family" community in my studio.  I don't think I'm special there.  However... in this world of technology, and being able to work from anywhere at anytime (which can be awesome, and at the same time awful) I really want people to feel like they are part of community that is genuine. I host student of the month, that features an adult and a younger student.  I also host a free "Wine and Warriors" night about 4 times a year, which I open up to "past, present & future students."  

4. Service - A great product or a great service at a great value will have people raving.  BUT, providing top notch, personalized service is HUGE in this digital world.  Eye contact.  Saying peoples names. Being the first to say hello. Getting to know them outside of your business transaction. Y'all, I know this seems so remedial, but this is HUGE. 

3. Referrals - Allow people to give you a referral. I don't believe you need a referral program, although it's a nice gesture.  I do believe that if you offer a great service or product and exceed peoples expectations they will ask YOU "what can I do for you?" 

My answer?  Please write a review or tell your friends about your experience. 

Then GIVE them the direct links to your FB, your Google, Yelp, Linked IN, etc. so they can just click and start typing.  Make it as easy for them for them as possible. 

And don't forget to ask for them often. At the end of a session, a class, a purchase, or awesome experience. Basically, every day. Here is what I have hanging in my studio. 


It gives them 1. Permission + 2. Directions = FREE ADVERTISING!

2. Have Fun - Ok.  This is one I have to work on.  I take myself too seriously at times... and when I say at times, there are no other times.  I seriously have to be intentional. However, I HAVE learned, that when mama is having fun, EVERYONE is having fun. Whether it's teaching, creating, sharing, or doing Saturday morning chores.  

1. Be Thankful - Y'all, I grew up on a Dairy Farm. ( Holsteins.) I remember milking cows one morning when I was a teen-ager.  Back then I wasn't quite the morning person I am now.  (And when I say I am a morning person, I mean I get up early. It doesn't mean I will speak to you kindly.)  So I'm pretty confident that when I was a teen-ager I was worse. But my dad, whom we call "papa", said in his chipper morning voice, "Someday you'll be proud you grew up on a farm."  I dutifully rolled my eyes, as any teen-ager would.  But the truth is, I am. Because when I'm doing something that isn't quite as "fun" as I would like it to be, I think to myself, "at least I'm not milking cows!"


SO. What have you learned in your business that has crossed over into other parts or your life? Comment below, then share this with your tribe!  We love learning from each other. 

Oh! And make sure you grab my FREE guide for social media posting. A game saver for my sanity in knowing What to post When.

Whew... that was a little longer one this week!  But I hope you found some value in it. Now, go crush your day. 

With Grit & Admiration. 










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