#132: Stop Making Your New Employee Work So Hard!



 Hiring team members is a huge part of scaling your business. However many business owners find it super hard to onboard and train them because of time.

Listen in as I share a quick tip on how you can help your new team member get into the groove quicker, easier AND help you with future onboarding processes and systems.

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#131: Effective, Efficient and Empowering Team Meetings - Shelli Warren


In order to scale your studio in profits and time, you need a great team.

To cultivate a great team we need to hire well. But that’s only the beginning. Creating a team requires us to equip, coach, and lead our team members to all they can be for business and for themselves and in order to do that - we need to meet with them. Often and intentionally.

Todays guest has a plethora of knowledge of creating stellar teams and coaching great business owners to lead their teams w…

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130: Are Clients Leaving? Don't Miss this Huge Opportunity!

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It’s never ideal when customers leave.  But it is inevitable.  However, it’s a huge opportunity.

Listen in as I share why learning from leaving clients could be the gold you need to create a business that is “the Only Option in Town!”

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{What's Working Now} A Faster and Easier Way to Google Reviews 

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#129: How to Market and Sell to Millennials. Three Tips to Cash In with Jill Morrison

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Did you know that Millennials are the largest generation and one quarter of our population in our country right now? 

This means they are the primary decision makers right now and they are making a lot of big decisions for their family.  And of course, extra curricular activities like fitness, music lessons, dance lessons, yoga or pilates classes. 

That’s huge for Brick and Mortar Studio owners! 🙌🏻

Our guest today talks all about the nitty gritty of selling to Millen…

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128: Don't Stop Because We're Half Over!

Can you believe 2022 is halfway over!?😳

It’s crazy! And awesome and a little scary. 

Today I share with you why it’s so important to take a couple hours and look at the black and white numbers of your business so you know what you need to lean into, what needs to be tweaked and what maybe needs to be let go. 

But how will you know what to do?  You must know your numbers.  

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127: Eight Ways Your Leaving Money on the Table for Studio Owners


As studio owners,  you work so hard to get people IN YOUR DOORS to try out your services.  And many of you do it exceptionally well. 

However, what happens when people do not become clients on the spot? 

Do you have a plan in place to keep loving on those people?

Many of you don’t - and this is where so many studio owners are losing money.  Big time. 

Listen in as I share some tough love and practical advice for you to turn those warm leads into raving clients.  


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126: Twenty Places You're Not Using to Get Clients for FREE!


Summer can be a slower time as a studio owner.  So it’s a great time to take a much needed break or get re-energized by going to a conference or retreat. It’s also a great time to take a look at some pieces in your business so that fall enrollment can be the best ever. 

If you have an opt in for your people, (if you don’t we must talk) you want to make sure EVERYONE knows about it AND it’s easy to find.  So here are 20 places to make sure you are putting that free tria…

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125: The Only Option You Have During Life's Hardest Seasons


#125 - The Only Option You Have During Life's Hardest Seasons

As a studio owner, you know there are different seasons to running a successful brick + mortar business. 🙋‍♀️

And every year you keep going it creates more confidence, more momentum and more data to pull from for when the seasons of business ownership don’t go quite as planned.

In this episode, I share the nitty gritty of a recent season I experienced - where I was on the floor in the fetal position. C…

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123: From Frazzled Chaos to Courageous Clarity


#123 - From Frazzled Chaos to Courageous Clarity

Do you take a CEO Day?

Chances are you do but you’re probably calling them a “work day” or an “office day.” 

Today we’re doing to dive into what I have coined my “CEO Day” and why they are monumental to your mindset and kickass growth in your business. 

I’m going to leave with you 5 tips to make your next CEO Day a huge success.  Leaving you so refreshed and revived you’ll be getting the next one booked ASAP …

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#105: Are You Secretly Sabotaging Your Business?


#105: Are You Secretly Sabotaging Your Business?

Quite the question right? 😳

I’m sure most of us would have the gut response of, “Of course not! I’m working my tail off, doing all the things!”


But please, I’m not shaming or making anyone feel guilty.

The reason for this episode is that I was recently hit over the head BIG TIME of how I was self sabotaging my life! Not just my business. When you have little fires in ALL areas of life it can be a challenging tim…

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