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What's Your Word?

What's Your Word_

So here we are!  The last weeks of 2019!

(And it's totally ok if you are thinking FINALLY.)

The week before Winter break is always so intense.  I recently came upon this cute picture and am using this week in my social media posts. I just had to share! 


I hope you can laugh.  December is intense.  BUT, hopefully the added "to do items" bring a smile on your face, because for the most part... they are "fun."  I know I'm a bit biased because being a mama does add a little magic into the Ho…

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10 Tips to Start 2020 Strong

New Year, New You

It's December 11th today! 


We have about 21 days yet to the end of  the year, and for some, the thought of throwing in the towel sounds lovely.  

"Put a fork in me. I'm done."

Whatever business goals have been set for 2019 are done. And, if they didn't quite hit the mark, they will go on the list for 2020.


I'm there. 

I get it.  There are a couple goals that I'm slightly irritated about putting on the "2020 Goal List" yet again.

You know that insanity quote... "keep doing …

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You Must Get Up...Again

You Must Get Up... Again!

A repost from 2019.  I'm choosing to repost it because it still resonates deeply. When we choose to take action, and get up again we continue to get better.  And because I choose to continue to take action, this year has been a record year for me.  I hope it encourages you.

If you're ready to take major action in your business, check out my new coaching/mastermind group: Level Up!  A high touch, intimate group of business leaders leaning in together for 90 days to launch 2020 into their most e…

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This 1 Mistake Might be Costing You

Are You Making this One Mistake_

I'm not usually confrontational. 

I like avoid those awkward moments and just quietly walk away.   But as a business owner, I see this happening, and I wanna kinda yell out to my fellow business owner ~

"You're missing an Opportunity!"

So I'm "yelling it out" here. 

I hope you can hear me :)

And before I start my rant, I need to tell you that after seeing the mistake others were doing, I needed to take a look at myself.  Was I guilty of this same mistake?  Was I innocently leaving money on …

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Step Up or Step Out!

Step Up or Step Out


It's not about Perfect... It's about EFFORT. And when YOU implement that effort into your life _ Every. Single. Day. That's where TRANSFORMATION happens. That's how CHANGE occurse. Keep Going. Remember WHY You starte (2).jpg

What just happened to you when you read that? 

Was it an "Oooooohhhh" or an "Ahhhh," or was it an "Ouch." 

Have you ever had those days, or weeks, or months... or God for bid, years... of "I'm sick and tired of spinning my wheels. Is this even really worth it?" 




Then hopefully, we see a little flicker of hope and we can keep on keeping on.  Because we're entrepreneurs.

(plus, we HAVE to be glass half full...'cuz a lot of this work is NOT like our Instagram grid.) 

You see y'al…

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What's Your Number?

Copy of Copy of Untitled

What's your number? 

No, I don't mean phone number.  Does anyone even ask that anymore? 

I mean your Enneagram Number. 

I'm a 3. 

My bestie is a 2. 

My assistant is a 7. 

If you haven't heard of the Enneagram, listen up. (I mean keep reading.)   If you already know your number, put it in the comments!  I'd love to know who my readers are. 

As a mama, business owner and a person who is trying to grow and improve daily, this little nugget of self assessment has single handily helped me unde…

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The Alligator Tears Started...

Get Ready for the Ride!


I lost it.  

It's the ballet portion of my littles combo class, and I put on my "Possible Recital Songs" playlist which clearly are all my favorite songs.  Then "She used to be mine" by Sara Bareilles starts playing. 'Nough said.  If you know the song, seriously... heart wrenching. 

But as we were doing our plies and tendu's during our normal little ballet time, all of a sudden this mama/dance teacher got all emotional... and not the dramatic happy, jumping up and down and being silly d…

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Keep Your Tribe Loyal

Keep Your Tribe Loyal

We're full on into the season, school year, the routine of Fall.  We're all starting to let our hair down a bit.  But hold steady to those reigns my friends...or you don't know where that horse will go!'s Halloween week y'all.

I've experienced it in my studio.  A little more chatter, a little more looking out the window, a little more telling you about their latest lost tooth....again.  Pulling them back into focus isn't the hard part. We have little tricks to do that.  


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More of These = More Success

Copy of Untitled (4)

So your driving around running the errands on your list, listening to your latest audio book, and you literally suck in a breath of air and say "Ouch."

Don't worry, nothing happened to the car or any animals. 

Does that ever happen to you?

Do you ever hear or learn something about you or your business and it kind of takes the wind right out of you? 

The reason for that visceral reaction is because you know exactly what you need to apply it to your life.  It may be a good thing or a really ha…

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3 Tips for Quick Visibility

We all need it. 

No matter what stage of our business ~ new, established or scaling ~whether we are staring out with our first client or we are launching a new product or service, we all want more eyes, more awareness, or more name recognition.   

We All Need More Visibility 

But before we launch into the tips, we need to make sure we're all on the same page. We have to back up and make sure you know exactly who your ICA is:  Your Ideal Customer Avatar.  Your Dream Client.  Your Tribe.  Your …

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