#41 ✨We're put on Earth to Share our Gifts!✨

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It's podcast day!

And this one's a biggie.  

Today another box has been checked in the journey. ✅

A live coaching call with one of my clients.  (insert happy dance💃🏻)

In this episode I pull back the virtual curtain of what it's like to work with me and see what my clients are taking away from our time together. 

Carrie Hobrough is a payroll specialist. At the time of the recording, we had been working less than 60 days together!  (You've heard the phrase, if you give yourself a year, it'll take a year. That's why I LOVE 90 days y'all.)

In this coaching call we chat about what's working: 

✔ Mindset

✔ Messaging

✔ More appointments than ever before. 

Then we dive into the current roadblocks: 

🚩Time management

🚩Using platforms efficiently (huge tip here for everyone)

🚩Content pillars

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Grab your earbuds and listen!

Highlighted Quotes:

"I definitely had a mindset shift" - Carrie Hobrough

"That was worth the price of enrollment!" - Melissa Rose

"It was something that I would do, but not consistently" - Carrie Hobrough

"I'm more confident when having conversations because I know!" - Carrie Hobrough

"You've seen results quickly, which builds confidence, which perpetuates the momentum!" - Melissa Rose

"It's not re-creating the wheel, it's being open-minded." - Carrie Hobrough

"We're put on this earth to share our knowledge - share our experiences to help each other out." - Carrie Hobrough

And before I sign off, I want to let you know! 

The last cohort of Level UP! is open!  Our next group will not be available until February 2021.  

CLICK HERE to apply. 


Melissa Rose

PS. All the links.

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