#102: Productivity in a Word


In Brenรฉ Brown's book Dare to Lead, there are so MANY great nuggets (obvs, because she's brilliant) but the one I want to talk about here is values. She says we have ultimately two values that we abide by in life, or are the compass for us to help us navigate this winding journey of life. They may change during the different seasons of life, but ultimately they keep us anchored, grounded, and rooted in who we are and how we lead.

Whatโ€™s your word of the year?

It was 2016 when I started doing this exerciseโ€ฆlittle did I know how important it would be to my growth as a mama, business owner and friend. When I am feeling weak, or scared, or unsureโ€ฆmy word of the year as helped get me grounded to what I want and need.

In this episode I reflect on past words and where I was in my journey and how each year was a theme.

So whatโ€™s your word?
Do you need help figuring it out?
I got you. Download my list of words to find yours or spark some creativity in yours.

And whatโ€™s my word this year? You'll have to listen in!

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Productivity in one word, can it really happen? I think it can. So let's get real.
Hey there everybody. Welcome back to another episode of brick and mortar visibility podcast. Hello? Hello. How are you? Happy, happy new year. I just got in from a cold cold walks. So I might be talking a little faster trying to warm up here, but it was so good to get outside and just to be in the fresh air, I'm sure many of you are often running and have all your planners and productivity sheets color coordinated pens and all this stuff ready to go. I'm not like that. I have journaled I've written out, I have dreamed, and I have thought about what I want my 2022 to feel like by the end of the year. I had a good 20 21. I'm not gonna say it wasn't good. There are parts that I want to have better. Of course, that's what we always want. We always want to improve and get better. And that is why I love this exercise of having a word of the year. How many of you do this? Do you have a word of the year? I love this exercise because it just helps everything reign in and get focused. And this is an exercise that I've been doing since 2016.
So here in 2022, I am a little behind the game, recording this, but I wanted to share with you how this impacts me in my business personal life being a mom, all the things. When I can come back to my word, it really helps ground me. It helps refocus me. It helps me know what to do next, because no matter if you run a business or you are a mama or you are a caretaker, wherever you are in life, in whatever role you're playing in whatever season of life you are, it can be overwhelming. It can be overwhelming when you're not as busy, right? Because you're not used to maybe being slower in life, you know, there's seasons when things aren't as busy and that can be overwhelming, cause you're not sure what to do with yourself. It can be busy and overwhelming when everything seems to crashing down on you. So I always looked at this word to help ground me and helps keep me focused and help me moving from. I started this exercise back in 2016. I started this all because that's when I was going through my divorce. I had five kids ages, 11 down to two at that time. And I had a side hustle of running a dance studio out of my home, in the basement. Okay. So I had five kids running a dance studio and I was going through a divorce now I needed to be brave. So that was my word that year, because I wasn't the first person in the world to get divorced. I wasn't the first person to run a dance studio. I wasn't the first person to have five kids, but I didn't see anybody else doing it all at the same time. So I had to be really brave. And then the next year was resilience because once you go through that transition, The dust settles and then real life kicks in. And if you've walked this journey, you know, the divorce is one thing to walk through, but then to live afterwards is another thing. So being resilient and we saw a lot of things in my kiddos and in life that I didn't realize until the dust settled. So we had resilience. Then we had grit because I learned that I needed to be letting go of some things. I heard this awesome definition between grit and grind. I think it was on the Glennon Doyle podcast where she talks about what's the difference between grit and grind. And I just loved it. And grind is when you go and you do something and you're doing it kind of, because of the pressure of other people or that's what you're supposed to do is you're going to grind it out. It's what you've been told you should do. And not that that's a bad thing or a good thing. It's just what you're doing. But then grit is being able to let go of things and doing it for yourself in the fact that Nope, that didn't work and you're gritty and you figure it out and you're not afraid to take chances. I am probably butchering that. So. Go find the podcast with Glennon Doyle it was so, so good. So we were gritty in 2018 because I had to figure out how to make this business that was running on my home and not really providing, income that could be lived on how am I going to scale that and how am I going to grow that? And how am I going to do this with five kids that I had 60% of the time at that time. So I really delved into learning everything I could as far as marketing. I brought in some online aspects into my business. I created curriculum and sold that to studios around the world and that's really where I cut my teeth in online marketing. And then I brought in my dance on demand. So this is a online membership. We still have it. And we stream classes live. This was before COVID and now we have this platform that we still use and have as a tool for our teachers and for our community to use. I learned all that back in 2017 and 2018. And it's been helpful in my business ever since, but I was really gritty and figuring out what I could do and what I needed to let go of. Then I just was working so, so hard in my business that by 2019, I just felt like, you know what? I just need to breathe and let time do its thing. So my word that year was arise. I tilled the soil. I planted the seeds. I watered, I did everything I could now. I just needed to wait and let time do its thing and keep nurturing and loving what I had already created, but not do anything more and that was a rise. And that brought me to 20 20 and 2020 was an epic year in the fact that because I let things simmer in 2019, I was able to open a commercial space in 20 20. I started a podcast in 2020, and I started coaching other businesses on how to market themselves and be the only option in town in 2020. So I took on another level. I rose to another level in my business and my word that year was trust. Now, looking back, thank God. My word was trust because I leaned into that word so much in 2020, because as we know what happened and although I had all these amazing things happen for my business and personally. It was taking on a lot of newness and the year 2020, as we know it was just a year not to maybe do all those things, but you didn't know it at the time. And I just held on for dear life. So I really leaned into my mentors and my coaches and just trusting those around me and trusting my intuition and trusting God and everything that this would work out. So now we're in 2021. And my word of the year is belief because we're still in the aftermath of 2020. And I have kind of three things going on. I have my brick and mortar. I have my coaching business, which is tied together with a podcast and with the coaching business, I'm speaking a lot more and networking a lot more. I have this young team, that's doing a lot of the work within the dancing house with my brick and mortar. And I had my hands out here and I'm just kind of like holding on for dear life. Like just praying that this is all going to work. And my word was believe. I've just like, I know where I want to go. This has got to work out cause I've seen other people do it. And there's this despiration . Underlying desperation, which grew throughout the year, because as any brick and mortar knows, 2021 was just as hard as 2020. So that's where I am just letting it all out there. You guys I'm being super vulnerable right now because 2022 has me focused back on alignment and being in align with what I want to do. I had some great momentum going into 2020, and because of life and everything happened, it was probably too much to take on at one time. I was so excited. And I'm a quick start. I get an idea and I do it. And with everything that happened, I just had to re look and regroup at what I'm doing. So that is why my word this year is allign. I want to make sure everything that I say do be aligns with who I am and where I want to go personally and professionally. So with that said, do you have a word, do you do this exercise? Do you like this exercise? Does it help you? I would love to know. I would love to hear, because that inspires me. You guys, when I hear it from you. Sometimes people share it with me and I'm like, yes, it totally makes sense for where you are in your business or where you are in your stage of life. So I would love to hear it. Please DM me over on Instagram, brick and mortar visibility podcast. And let me know your word of the year. If you do subscribe to this thought of having a word throughout the year.
Thank you for letting me share. This is kind of, self-indulgent for me, I realize this right now, but I wanted to share the journey of this because when I first started this, I didn't think I would keep it up throughout the years, but I have found it very, very helpful.
If you've resonated with anything I said today and would like to maybe work together. I have a great opportunity. That's a low commitment as far as time. I have my mastermind starting in January, starting January 13th. And then we have another group starting January 14th. I would love to have you consider it's a small group of five or less business owners coming together, bouncing off ideas, learning from each other. I'm facilitating the group and teaching as well as helping each of you in your business. So if you're interested in something like that, please come on over to MsMelissarose.com/mastermind and consider joining the group.
All right, guys, that's a wrap. The first episode of 2022. I hope you enjoyed it. And we will see you here. Same time, same place next week with another great episode. Talk to you soon. Peace bye-bye.


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