Boundaries with...Mom's

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Happy Wednesday!

Welcome back to another episode of In The Nitty Gritty! 

We all have one. 

A Mama. 

Many of us have an AMAZING relationship with her.  Others, it's could be challenging or none existent.  

As a mama of five kiddos, I full on realize what this tender, special, intense and challenging relationship holds.  And because of that - I also realize that sometimes we have to put boundaries in place to protect our hearts and minds so that we can be the best version of ourselves.  

In m…

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Your 1 Thing

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Happy Wednesday!

Welcome back to another episode of In The Nitty Gritty! 

You guys!  People are loving these short, practical, take away episodes that talk about life, business and relationships.  My DM's and emails have been filled with love.  And for those of you that have already rated and reviewed the podcast... A HUGE thank you!

If you haven't yet, 

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I Invite You!

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Have you ever been a fan of someone?  Like a die hard fan? 

A fan, a supporter, a groupie where you felt like you were genuinely a small part of their success? You went to the concerts and stage door to await an autograph, you bought the t-shirts & albums, you read and watched everything about them so that you could be the "expert" and answer any trivia question that may come up in social settings.  

It could be someone famous like Cher, or Madonna or Oprah (I love famous people that don't nee…

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What Do Your Habits Say About You?

"People do not decide their future -

They decide their habits and their habits decide their future." - F.M.Alexander

Why is this so hard?

It's what I have always wanted to do... and yet, here I am.  Nearly in tears.

The roller coaster of emotions that come with running a business. 

We've been taught, if we are't growing we're dying.  And y'all, I subscribe to that 1000%.   

'Cept, here's the deal. 

When is enough of enough? 

When does one go, "Ok, you have enough projects, venues, a…

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My Free Hack for More Visibility

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Don't you just love a good tip?  Something that will save you time, or help your business in a way that you didn't know you needed?  

Especially a FREE one? 

Yea, me too. 

Today we're going to talk about one of my favorite social media platforms. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 6.26.37 AM.png

I love getting those beautiful photos of inspiration or stories of people living their dream.  

But we're not going to talk about the pictures, or captions, or videos, or stories.  We're going to chat briefly about that one, very tiny, but VERY …

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This Math You'll Love!

Happy NEW  Year! 

Yes!  2020?  Do you remember when this date seemed like it was forever away?  Yes... I'm dating myself a bit.  But here we are.

It's the New Year and I'm sure you've got a list of Goals or Desires for 2020. I know I do.  

Today is Wednesday, January 8th.  And this is when those New Years Goals may start to fall to the side or get all up in your face difficult. 

But I must share what I woke up to this morning.  On my daily calendar from one of my favorite people, Jen Sincer…

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What's Your Word?

What's Your Word_

So here we are!  The last weeks of 2019!

(And it's totally ok if you are thinking FINALLY.)

The week before Winter break is always so intense.  I recently came upon this cute picture and am using this week in my social media posts. I just had to share! 


I hope you can laugh.  December is intense.  BUT, hopefully the added "to do items" bring a smile on your face, because for the most part... they are "fun."  I know I'm a bit biased because being a mama does add a little magic into the Ho…

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10 Tips to Start 2020 Strong

New Year, New You

It's December 11th today! 


We have about 21 days yet to the end of  the year, and for some, the thought of throwing in the towel sounds lovely.  

"Put a fork in me. I'm done."

Whatever business goals have been set for 2019 are done. And, if they didn't quite hit the mark, they will go on the list for 2020.


I'm there. 

I get it.  There are a couple goals that I'm slightly irritated about putting on the "2020 Goal List" yet again.

You know that insanity quote... "keep doing …

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You Must Get Up...Again

You Must Get Up... Again!

A repost from 2019.  I'm choosing to repost it because it still resonates deeply. When we choose to take action, and get up again we continue to get better.  And because I choose to continue to take action, this year has been a record year for me.  I hope it encourages you.

If you're ready to take major action in your business, check out my new coaching/mastermind group: Level Up!  A high touch, intimate group of business leaders leaning in together for 90 days to launch 2020 into their most e…

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This 1 Mistake Might be Costing You

Are You Making this One Mistake_

I'm not usually confrontational. 

I like avoid those awkward moments and just quietly walk away.   But as a business owner, I see this happening, and I wanna kinda yell out to my fellow business owner ~

"You're missing an Opportunity!"

So I'm "yelling it out" here. 

I hope you can hear me :)

And before I start my rant, I need to tell you that after seeing the mistake others were doing, I needed to take a look at myself.  Was I guilty of this same mistake?  Was I innocently leaving money on …

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