What's 173.3? 

It's roughly how many work hours are in a month. 

So let's round it up to 180, cuz chances are, you're doing a few more than 40 hours a week.  Am I right ?

And then you're juggling kids, life, partners and everything else nitty gritty.

I shouldn't be surprised when I polled my Facebook group of entrepreneurs what their biggest struggle was when it came to marketing.


But here's the deal.  

Many business owners get caught up in the 






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🛑Stop Learning🛑

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Aren't we supposed to be avid learners?  Growing and broadening our knowledge to best help our businesses and clients? 


And no. 

My amazing guest this weeks says it so well, !  (Download and listen at 13min.)

Originally I asked Kelly to be on the show because of her time management expertise.  As a business coach, I encourage all my clients to adhere to a schedule that allows for them to achieve their goals. But when blocking out their time doesn’t work… I knew I needed to cal…

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3 Tips to Conquer Your Confidence


Nothing like a crappy date to kick your confidence to the curb.



But, I’m thankful for the content it gave me for this podcast. (Always choosing optimism.)

You guys, we all struggle with it. Some of us more than others. 

Whether your a mom, a business owner, a partner, or a parent. 

You play the loop in your head: Am I worthy enough, good enough, smart enough, young enough, thin enough etc. The list goes on.

But I’m here to tell you that you are!

And when you h…

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