#67 Selling with Story📚 with Erin Kraebber

As a Brick and Mortar business owner, you know that you need people walking in your doors. As a visibility coach, helping my clients find the right way for them is super important. When you like your strategy, you’re going to do it consistently. And that’s the name of the game.

Our guest this week, Erin Kraebber, chats very candidly about how storytelling is one of the best ways to do this in our marketing efforts. Whether it’s through our clients, our team, our products or services - it al…

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#66 What's Your ⭐️ WOW⭐️ Factor?

What's Your WOW Factor?  

⭐️As a Brick and Mortar Visibility Coach, I want you to have more clients coming in your doors. But not just any clients. I want you to have loyal, referring, raving clients that buy all the things from you.

So how do we get them?

⭐️One tip. What’s your wow factor? It’s as unique as you are. It can be anything. From before they even come into your doors, to the actual experience to days after they purchase.

⭐️To make my point, I share a personal story of my auto…

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#65 Take Care of Your Peeps 💗

"When we take care of our people, our people will take care of us."  I'm sure you've heard that before right? 

Our guest this week takes this next level.  

From her clients, to her team, to her personal relationships. Beth DeLaForest is owner of Aspire Insurance Group and Beth share’s with us the nitty gritty of running an insurance business as well as some real life examples of connecting with her clients and team. Nuggets that every brick and mortar business can apply to their own busine…

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#64 4️⃣ Tips When Hiring an Insurance Agent


A super important topic.  Especially as Brick and Mortar business owners.  I share with you 4 tips you need to think about when selecting your insurance agent. 

So, grab your earbuds ladies and enjoy!

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When you are ready, here are a few ways we can help grow your service business.

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#63 Getting the Most Out of Your CPA

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Can I just say you’re a rare find!

Running a brick and mortar business, raising some kiddos and juggling all of life's offerings.  Let’s just be real and call you what you are? You’re a Rebel Woman! 

You’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into creating a store front that lights you up, serves your clients well and YOU well, and contributes significantly to to the community you love. You’re my hero!

Happy Wednesday !

We're continuing our 💥 Make Your Business Boom Series💥  

It's tax season a…

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#62 The 5% Rule🤓

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Hey !

As a Rebel Woman you are doing life a bit differently.  You're running a business, maybe have a few kids in tow and juggling a partner with all of life's offerings.  

But I want you to be a kick ass Rebel Woman!  Showing up to life as an A player and experiencing the best that life has to offer. 

In order to do that, you need to be running a PROFITABLE business. 

Not one that breaks even. 

And I don't want to hear, "I don't want to make too much otherwise I'll have to pay more in ta…

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#61 Create the Business Plan that Works!

Hey Rebel Woman!

Happy Wednesday.  We're continuing our 💥 Make Your Business Boom Series💥  and this weeks topic is all about...

wait for it....

Business Plans. 

Oh the beauty of a business plan. Are they needed? How do you even create one? Do they really work? 

Short answer - Yes. 

But I'm not going to lie.  Sometimes they are hard to create and map out.  And let's be real... and then life throws a curve ball into the plan. 

Whether you're starting out, ready to up level your …

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#60 Just Ask For It!😳

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We're taking a little break from our "Make Your Business Boom!" series to share with you this gem, !

We can do all the prospecting, marketing, nurturing, and fancy sales… but ultimately we need to ask for what we want ladies.

Be specific in what you want and freakin’ ask for it.

And that's exactly what I did to have Erin Pride on this podcast.

For those of you that don’t know, Erin is a power house in the dance education world. Erin teaches dancers how to make money using their gifts, e…

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#59 The Keeper of the Books & The Power of Knowing Your Numbers


It's tax season!

A reality check of how your business did last year.   In crystal clear black and white numbers. 

But here's the deal, your taxes give a you a picture of what happened.  

I want you to know what is going on right now in your business, so that you can make your business boom!💥

Welcome back to another episode of ITNG .

So let me ask you, do you know your numbers?

Your black and white real numbers so that you can make your business boom?💥

One of the first people I tell m…

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#58 3 People You Need

Hey Rebel Woman!

It's February 3rd and we're kicking it off with a killer new series, !  Make Your Business Boom💥

As a brick and mortar business owner who has created an online platform as well, I help other badass women who want to creategrow and scale their dream.  In this series I let my hair down, and let's be real, there's a lot of it. I'm sharing with you my personal story of what worked AND what didn't.  😳

In future Make Your Business Boom💥  episodes, you're going to hear f…

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