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Are You Making this 1 Mistake?

We're back after a beautiful long weekend in the States and I have been thinking about this post for a few weeks.  So it might come across a little bossy. 

I'm not usually confrontational. 

I like avoid those awkward moments and just quietly walk away.   But as a business owner, I see this happening, and I wanna kinda yell out,

"You're missing an Opportunity!"

So I'm "yelling it out" here. 

I hope you can hear me :)

And before I rant, I need to tell you that after seeing the mistake other…

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One Thing You Need to Remember...


Happy Thanksgiving! 

(and to those of you who aren't states side... Thanks for checkin' in.)

It's my favorite holiday.  Family, Friends and lots of great Food... and a simple, but so important theme.

Give. Thanks. 

I'm going to breathe that in and out this matter what "dramatics" happen.  And let's face it... there are usually some hi-jinx and mayhem when you bring family, friends, and a huge feast that needs to all be timed out and presented "perfectly." 

And thank goodness for it…

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Step Up, Step In or...Step Out.

It's not about Perfect... It's about EFFORT. And when YOU implement that effort into your life _ Every. Single. Day. That's where TRANSFORMATION happens. That's how CHANGE occurse. Keep Going. Remember WHY You starte (2)

What just happened to you when you read that?  Was it an "Oooooohhhh" or an "Ahhhh," or was it an "Ouch." 

Have you ever had those days, or weeks, or months... or God for bid, years... of "I'm sick and tired of spinning my wheels. Is this even really worth it?" 




Then hopefully, we see a little flicker of hope and we can keep on keeping on.  Because we're entrepreneurs.

(plus, we HAVE to be glass half full...'cuz a lot of this work is NOT like our Instagram grid.) 

You see y'all, a f…

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So...What do Plie's and Cows have in Common?


Last week was Halloween, y'all. 

Last week was scary. 

Crazy scary. 

Like, UN. BE. LIEVE. A. BLE. 

Last week I hit personal goals that I've dreamed about.  And then I hit goals I didn't even know I had. And because of that... I feel I need to stop, and pause...breathe...and be thankful.

Annnnd, introduce myself! 

There are a WHOLE LOTTA new peeps checking out this blog, so I wanna make sure you all feel... well,  welcome. 

I'm Melissa to most people.  Miss Melissa to my students.  Mama to…

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Miss Melissa... why are you crying?


I lost it.  

It's the ballet portion of my littles combo class, and put on my "Possible Recital Songs" playlist and "She used to be mine" by Sara Bareilles came on. 'Nough said.  If you know the song, seriously... heart wrenching. 

But as we were doing our plies and tendu's, our normal little ballet time, all of a sudden this mama/dance teacher got all emotional... and not the dramatic happy, jumping up and down and being silly dramatics.  I had big alligator tears about to pour out of …

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Retention... and I'm not talking water.

We're full on into the season, school year, routine of Fall.  We're all starting to let our hair down a bit.  But hold steady to those reigns my friends...or you don't know where that horse will go!'s Halloween week y'all.

I've experienced it in my studio.  A little more chatter, a little more looking out the window, a little more telling you about their latest lost tooth....again.  Pulling them back into focus isn't the hard part. We have little tricks to do that.  

The ha…

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I'm embarrassed to ask... but do you struggle to pay the bills?


As a dance teacher/studio owner... we "only work" about 9 months out of the year.  (and yes, you can roll your eyes. I know we work more....) But the majority of our income, comes during the school year or September - June.  

So... unless you wanna work until your 93, most of us have another avenue or two or three of income. 

Millionaires have WAY more then one stream of income. 

So as a business woman, and someone who doesn't want to eat Ramen Noodles now OR when I retire, I am choos…

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Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

I recently heard someone say, "I am so glad I am not getting married these days... there are too many options!"  They were referring to all the social media, with Pinterest getting top billing. And y'all, I couldn't agree more. Wow... My head started to spin just thinking about all the possibilities of influence one has in making their special day...well, special.


Some of you might be in that season of life, and if you are... I can only imagine the complete overwhelm and images of per…

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My favorite 4 letter words...

Why the face!  (I love me some Phil Dunphy from Modern Family

We're gonna talk about my favorite 4 letter words. 

They are the Best! 

They are music to my ears. 

They make me flippin' giddy. 

You're gonna love 'em.

Are you ready? 






Perhaps it's because acts of service is my #1 love language.  (Gary Chapman for the win) Or maybe because I'm a mama with five kiddos and a couple of businesses who's trying to stay one step ahead of the drama... which let's be real,  …

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Ouch... that hurt.


Have you busted your butt, and gone outside your comfort zone to do something you truly believed in, only to be let down by people in your circle who you thought had your back? 

I'm sure speakin' to the choir.  Most of you are in the dance field.... and let's be real, shall we? You don't just jump into the dance world without knowing that the road will be tough, bumpy, and scary world.  Plus the scenery overall is pretty meh.  I mean, dance studios don't vary that much... 

(That's why the cost…

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