Brick & Mortar Visibility

Zig instead of Zag

Today we're Vlogging instead of Blogging.

Because, well...Life. 

Roll with the punches.   After you watch/listen, you might want me to stick to blogging :) But I promise, there's some good stuff in here.   Hope your day was better then mine!  Now off to shovel for the 45th time today. 


Check out Proessing Ballet Technique.  I highly recommend if you teach ballet in your studio.  A great workshop to learn, and you get certified as well!  Who doesn't love a certification added to the…

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When Stubborn Meets Curiosity..

OK.  I gotta secret y'all. 

And I just need to get it out there. 

Some of you may hate me for it. 

But I'll take my chances. 

I'm not a Rachel Hollis fan.  


I know. 


And that was kinda hard to admit.

For some of you, you may need to pick your jaw up off your lap, and for others, you may be like, "So what!"  And still others, you might be like, 'Who?"

So let me just take a hot second to get us all on the same page. The beautiful Ms. Rachel Hollis is an author, used to be blo…

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Comparison? Or Kick in the Arse?

"There is always something to suggest that you'll never be who you wanted to be.  Your choice is to take it, or keep on moving."  - Phylicia Rashad

Ahhhh, yes.

Anyone else feeling this? 

Happy February y'all. 

It's the beginning of a new month! And for me, it's like a mini new slate.  And yes, I use that new slate for a new week, a new day, a new hour, and a new hot minute when it's needed.  

January is over and we are starting to thaw out - Figuratively and Literally.

Some of us actually …

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Do you Fall into this Statistic?

So, I'm thinking Hell Froze Over...

(Never mind that most of the country has experienced record temps today.)

I'm not usually a numbers gal.  I mean, I've counted in multiples of eight most of my life and I always enjoy a few extra zeros in my checking account.  But these numbers blew my socks off!

So I just had to share with y'all what I learned this week.  Perhaps you're ahead of the game on this, and if you are - gold star for you.  But I wanted  to talk about this important topic.  


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Burn Out or Pivot?

Ugh.  Why is this so hard?

It's what I have always wanted to do... and yet, here I am.  Nearly in tears.

The roller coaster of emotions with business-hood. 

We've been taught, if we are't growing we're dying.  And y'all, I subscribe to that 1000%.   

'Cept, here's the deal. 

When is enough of enough? 

When does one go, "Ok, you have enough projects, venues, aspects of your business.  Now let's just stop." 

But if you stop... then you can't grow, and here we are again.  Back on that hamst…

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I'm No Instagram Hack, but I'm kinda psyched about this tip.

Don't you just love a good tip?  Something that will save you time, or help your business in a way that you didn't know you needed?  

Especially a FREE one? 

Yea, me too. 

Today we're going to talk about one of my favorite social media platforms. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 6.26.37 AM.png

I love getting those beautiful photos of inspiration or stories of people living their dream.  

But we're not going to talk about the pictures, or captions, or videos, or stories.  We're going to chat briefly about that one, very tiny, but VERY …

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You're going to Love this Math...

Happy NEW  Year! 

Yes!  2019?  Do you remember when this date seemed like it was forever away?  Yes... I'm dating myself a bit.  But here we are.

It's the New Year and I'm sure yoy've got a list of Goals or Desires for 2019. I know I do.  

Today is Wednesday, January 9th.  And this is when those New Years Goals may start to fall to the side or get all up in your face difficult. 

But I must share what I woke up to this morning.  On my daily calendar from one of my favorite people, Jen Sincer…

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What's Your 1 Word?

So here we are!  The last weeks of 2018!

(And it's totally ok if you are thinking FINALLY.)

The week before Winter break is always so intense.  I recently came upon this cute picture and am using this week in my social media posts. I just had to share! 


I hope you can laugh, only because it's true right?  BUT, hopefully the added "to do items" bring a smile on your face, because for the most part... they are "fun."  I know I'm a bit biased because being a mama does add a little magic int…

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10 Steps to Start 2019 STRONG!

It's December 11th today! 


We have about 21 days yet to the end of  the year, and for some, the thought of throwing in the towel sounds lovely.  

"Put a fork in me. I'm done."

Whatever business goals have been set for 2018 are done. And, if they didn't quite hit the mark, they will go on the list for 2019.


I'm there. 

I get it.  There are a couple goals that I'm slightly irritated about putting on the "2019 Goal List" yet again.

You know that insanity quote... "keep doing …

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Why you must get up... AGAIN.

So... Did anyone else have a tough week last week?

I'm actually still a little sore about it, so I'm gonna tread lightly. 

Last week was the first week back after Thanksgiving, and let's just say it felt "off" from the moment I started my Monday which started waaaay too early. (I had a red eye from Seattle at 12:32am.)

I don't know about you, but I was a bit melancholy. I couldn't place my finger on why.  The Holiday weekend was awesome, so I basically was chalking it up to a little pity par…

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